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Monday, August 19, 2019

Our Welcome to You

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bradhyman pamclute Dear SMI Participant:

On behalf of the faculty and staff of the College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences, the Graduate School of Education, and the ALPHA Center, we welcome you as a valued participant in UCRís California TeachĖScience Mathematics Initiative (CaTEACH-SMI or SMI). Through SMIís UC system- and campus-wide goals which are to provide an academic, mentored, and funded support structure for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) majors, UCR STEM students are able to take advantage of financial assistance to explore teaching as a career option as early as their freshman year.

In strengthening SMIís commitment to prepare future science and mathematics teachers, resources are extended from the ALPHA Centerís expansive teacher development and college-bound programs. Through its exemplary contributions to P-20, which is an education policy term that refers to the full range of child education from preschool through post-graduate work (or the 20th grade), the ALPHA Center has brought national and state recognition to UCR. Focusing on one of these programs, the California Mathematics and Science Teachers (CMST) Initiative, SMI participants are able to expand their professional networks and career-related experiences. To enable you to gain a perspective about SMI and its partnership with CMST program, we have compiled this comprehensive program handbook which explains how CMST provides programmatic opportunities or hands-on learning to enhance the success of our future STEM teachers.

For the student participants in our program, we are confident that SMI and CMST will be important components of your overall UCR experience and valuable resources for helping you reach your future objectives. Because you are considering a career in teaching mathematics or one of the sciences, you are among the most valued resources in our state. Your academic endeavors have been strongly endorsed by our campus administration, the President of the University of California, and Californiaís governor.

For those educators that have joined SMI and CMST, as Mentor Teachers, we extend our profound appreciation. By passing on your knowledge to our student interns, you have provided an invaluable asset to our programs. The legacy each of you leave will be ultimately inherited by hundreds of deserving children in California.

We hope that you find this handbook useful in navigating our programs. Again, please accept our thanks for joining us to insure a healthy future for mathematics and science instruction in our state.

Yours sincerely,

Bradley C. Hyman, Ph.D. Pamela S. Clute, Ph.D.
Professor of Biology Assistant Vice Provost, Academic Partnerships
Faculty Director, CaTEACH-SMI Executive Director, ALPHA Center
Faculty Advisor, Biology Department Lecturer in Mathematics/Education

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