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Monday, August 19, 2019


California Teach
Science Mathematics Initiative

In the UC NEWS...
"Cal Teach Inspires Future Math and Science Teachers"

The California Teach Science/Mathematics Initiative (CaTEACH-SMI) is a new UC program initiated by an agreement between the Governor of California and the University of California President.


To increase the number of highly qualified teachers in science and mathematics annually into California classrooms.


  • To encourage and create multiple pathways for students interested in science, mathematics, and engineering to consider teaching as a career
  • To facilitate in and advising of students toward completing a Bachelor's degree in science, mathematics, or engineering along with the possibility of establishing eligibility towards entrance into an intern teaching credential program
  • To engage students in peer-mentorship opportunities to develop and enrich professional networking systems
  • To provide courses that include an introduction to schools and teaching as a profession, cultural diversity, and education and educational psychology
  • To provide field experiences in K-12 classrooms with supervised "mentor teachers" focusing on discipline-specific teaching methods to meet state teacher credentialing requirements
  • To provide information about financial incentives, including loan-forgiveness programs
  • To provide information on credential requirements
  • To prepare students in areas related to career planning
  • Why is NOW the time to prepare for a career in teaching science and mathematics?

    There is currently a critical shortfall of qualified science and mathematics teachers in California classrooms. Because of this shortage, prospective science and mathematics teachers are extremely competitive in securing positions soon after graduation.
    They are able to:
      • find internship jobs immediately upon graduation at salaries comparable to entry-level credentialed teachers; these intern opportunities often lead to permanent teaching positions
      • find job openings in the school district of their desire
      • gain negotiating power in determining their starting permanent salaries
      • become emerging leaders in the school districts and communities
      • benefit from the financial incentives, including loan-forgiveness programs, offered through the government

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